Our Philosophy

We do not breed, just to produce to just have litters.
We only breed, when there is a specific breeding,
for quality dogs, that we would like to produce for show purposes.

If the dog isn't good enough for the show ring then it shouldn't be bred.

We are very selective in using our males for outside stud services. 
When we evaluate a prospective bitch that comes in for breeding,
We look at both the pedigree and the bitch's conformation.

We will only have a 2-3 litters per year and maybe one more from a co-owned dogs.
Our wish is to find the right loving homes for these dogs.

All of our dogs have wonderful loving temperaments and reproduce this temperament in their puppies.

We would like the new onwners NOT to take a dog and go...
we want to be friends to be there for the dog and be a part of our family

Have fun to our website! We are George Kaninias and Lila leventaki

shar pei friends




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