History of shar pei in Europe



shar pei history

A decade after first shar peis arrived to USA Mr. Weinberg and Ms.Reinelt imported first male and female shar peis from USA to Europe in July 1979. Male named Bedlam´s Lover Boy was black and on his sides had a little grey gradation and a deep blue tongue.  Breeder Ellen Weathers Debo described him as somewhat too soft hair which should be shorter. He was the son of Shir Du Sam Ku, one of the most successful stud-dogs in the U.S.A.; and female Bedlam´s Yo Ki Hi. Black female named Bedlam’s Love Song too was a daughter of Shir Du Sam Ku and female Ausable´s China Blue. She had an extreme horse coat which was not pleasant to the touch and a spotty tongue. Both dogs had good eyes and a full mouth of teeth.


Bedlam’s Lover Boy & Bedlam’s Love Song with Ms.Reinelt and Mr. Weinberg

In spring 1980 Mr. Weinberg and Ms. Reinelt imported from Matgo Law in Hong Kong two males Down Homes Cream Zulu and Zambo (sons of Down Homes Prince of Darkness and the bitch Dragon Lady Jasmine of Gun Club). Both males were cream colored, with strong bodies and very friendly nature. Zambo had problems with his eyes and Mrs. Schlueb from Switzerland who had purchased him, had to take him right after his arrival for an entropy operation.  Both dogs had almost no molars nor pre-molars in their mouth.

sharpei      sharpei

Down Homes Cream Zulu and Zambo

Shortly thereafter came Down Homes Baeng Baeng (daughter of Down Homes Jim Jade and female Down Homes Black Wong) to Germany to Mrs. Gertrud Schlauderer. Baeng Baeng was fawn colored and had skin problems, which caused her demise at age 7 months.  Mrs. Schlauderer in exchange received from Matgo Law’s female Down Homes Ego (daughter of the male Down Home Royal Zeal and female Down Homes Black Wong).

In the summer of 1980 Mr. Weinberg and Ms. Reinelt imported cream female Down Homes Pak Pak Chu (a daughter of the male Down Homes Quicksilvea and the female Down Homes Milky W Star II). She was in terrible condition and the first trip was to the vet. Cramps and a bloody diarrhea excused her and she was given a transfusion at the spot, which luckily saved her life. After her arrival and her rescue she was never sick again. She had a very short horse coat, a good head with a little polstered fang, ears were too large, clear open eyes, a deep blue tongue and a complete set of teeth. Her body was compacted with straight front legs and first rate angled hind quarters. She died two month before her 13th birthday.


Down Homes Pak Pak Chu
with her puppies from Down Homes Cream Zulu

First shar pei kennel in Europe named “Tsihmao´s was founded by Ms. Reinelt and Mr. Weinberg. On the night from the 22 to the 23 of September, 1980, the big occasion happened; the first shar pei litter in Europe was born from Bedlam´s Lover Boy and Bedlam’s Love Song. Bedlam’s Love Song was an excellent mother to three males and one female, three black and one cream colored puppy.


first shar pei litter in Europe:
Tsihmao's Ah Wu Ling, Tsihmao's Ah Tsiu Ping, Tsihmao's Ah Tsao Ming, Tsihmao's Ah Ling

Female Tsihmao´s Ah Ling went to Mrs. Anneliese Broekel, who founded the breeding station Dah-Let´s.  Out of the first breeding of Ah-Ling with Down Homes Cream Zulu came Lux. Ch. Da-Let´s-Asha who later pregnant was exported to England, where she, still in quarantine, gave birth to 8 pups, and 7 of them she successfully raised.

On March 10th 1981 the second litter was born in Tsihmao´s kennel from Bedlam´s Love Song and Down Homes Cream Zulu (4 males and 2 females).

Mr. Weinberg and Ms. Reinelt ended their combined breeding association.  Mr. Weinberg took Bedlam’s Love Song and Down Homes Cream Zulu and female Tsihmao´s Boom Boom, with whom he founded his breeding station King-Fu´s.

In 1981 were imported male Down Homes Gam Guard and female Down Homes Lok EE by Friedrich Dutzi and female Down-Homes Ho EE by Guenter Sawatzki, all from Hong Kong. During the same year female Down Homes Pak Pak whelped her first litter. There were 5 puppies out of which were one each male and one female spotted. Stud dog was Bedlam´s Lover Boy.

  sharpei      sharpei

Down Homes Gam Guard and Down Homes Lok EE

In the between time Mr. Weinberg, together with Dr. Huber worked out a standard and had submitted the same to the FCI. This standard was accepted at the 1981 World exhibit as interim standard. Thus was the Shar-Pei breed given the possibility to attain a national title. This standard was modeled after the Koowlon a Hong Kong Association Standard and was binding all FCI countries.

The first shar pei in Great Britain came from the U.S.A. in March 1981 by the name Heathstyle´s Dandelion. The first and only female which came from Hong Kong and which was recognized by the Kennel Club, was the female Down Homes Junoeque of Heathstyle. In 1982 a first litter was born from male Heathstyle Dandelion and female Down Homes Junesoque.


Heathstyle´s Dandelion

In 1982 Down Homes Pak Pak Chu had her second the D-litter; sire was World champion ´81 Down Homes Cream Zulu.

In Italy Isabella Pizzamiglio also imported first two shar peis from Hong Kong in year 1984. Down Homes Ding Dong (female) was quite nice, fantastic temper but poor head. Down Homes Fancy Child (male) was shy and with big boned claws in the forelegs. The first shar pei litter in Italy was born from Down Homes Fancy Child and Down Homes Ding Dong.


Down Homes Ding Dong and Down Homes Fancy Child at 5 months

In 1986 Ms.Pizzamiglio imported from UK a black horse coat female Jentiki Burnt Toast and soon after another female from Tsihmao´s kennel in Germany, named Ch.Tsihmao´s Nua Mulan, who became first Italian champion. The following year a male and another female came from the same kennel, named Tsihmao´s Pu Yi and Ch.Tsihmao´s Hu Tie. All had an important influence on the Italian shar pei breed and we could say that in 1987 in Italy a timid breeding was established.

sharpei    sharpei

Ch.Tsihmao´s Nua Mulan (first Italian champion) and Jentiki Burnt Toast

Shar pei breed has established itself in the Europe, but not to the extent as has been the case in the U.S.A.




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